Perlato was founded by Franco Perlato in 1975.
At present more than 50 people are employed in this company with a turnover of €7,000,000. It’s one of the European leader in production of manifolds, based on over 40 years of activity supported by state-of-the-art  machinery, know-how, equipment and technology, Perlato ensures excellent results in terms of quality and efficiency.

Distingueshes itself thanks to 40 years experience and an avant-garde mentality: in this way we became a leading company  in the production of hydraulic manifold blocks.

The company performs its activities in its factory with a total area of 10.000 including a warehouse for raw materials (C45/C30 forged steel certified to EN 10250-2) with minimum stocks of 1500 tons  (material size up to 500x500 mm) ready to be processed. The office building occupies 750  sqm (including sales, administration and technical offices, orders management, production programming and control, quality management).

State-of-the-art  machinery is used to manufacture and personalise parts to fully meet the  drawings and specifications of each customer.
All blocks are fully deburred, 100% tested, washed, oiled and packaged. Special surface treatments are available on request, including manganese phosphating performed in-house.

Our aim is to meet up with our customers’demand.